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Where do you want to go? Let the Baron take you on a tour of Asia's Nightlife...
The Lastest News as published in the Asia Bugle
Bangkok The wheel turns as Nana Plaza trumps Cowboy Dec '11
A reputation for bars, gogos and a vivacious nightlife has long been Bangkok's main attraction for millions. Gogo bars aplenty are found not only in Bangkok and Pattaya but throughout Thailand as well as the nearby countries.

But as in any thriving community things change: bars come and go, gogos are sometimes good and then are no longer so, the regulatory forces decide what is, and is not allowed, to be displayed, and how late and where the party can be held. Knowledge of what is happening in Thailand's nightlife is the Baron's speciality.

In Bangkok he roams the gogo and bar areas of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong, as well as the lesser sois of Sukhumvit and Silom. Pattaya nightlife is becoming a genuine alternative to the Big Mango, and the bars and gogos of that seaside town are regularly patrolled by the Baron's associate Nightmarch. Or if it is the islands of Samui and Phuket where the beach beckons by day, but at night the bars open and the girls come out to play. that interest you: as his logo says "from Patpong to Patong the Baron knows best."

On this site we have a brief overview, directed at independent travelers, of each major area of Thailand and many nearby countries (Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines). This is accessed via the links (on the side navigation bar). Please let us have any comments you may have.
Some of the articles on this site go back a number of years to when this site started in 2000, we have left them as many like to look back and see the changes over the years. Gogo and bars have come a long way: and so have some of us!

Kelly - The bargirl who would be president.

Instead of writing the Asiabugle I have written a book about a fictitious Asian country and a bar girl who seeks to be president. The country is a composite of various Asian countries but overall they are much the same in terms of corruption and bad governance
This is a review on the Bangkok Books website:
KELLY - we've met her. Wow! This is real!
Few books written by expats have the insight and the finesse to capture life in Asia but this one hits it on the head. From understanding the implications of real poverty in an essentially feudal society to the day to day cut and thrust of politics in any modern day society. "Kelly" has it all. Full of action, tension and intrigue - if you want to get an understanding of Asia then this book has it all..
More info from Bangkok Books

Newsletter: Asiabugle
After 10 years the asiabugle has been suspended - we have all seen it too many times and we are getting older!




Kelly - the Bar girl who would be president
ISBN : 978616-2450761
Category : Books on Asia
Pages : 360
Price from : 6.99 US$ (ebook) - (c) 2004-2011, Copyright notice
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